Top content optimization mistakes to avoid

The Internet has become so popular that everything goes through it. Whatever you want to see or check, just log on your computer and go online. Nothing easier. But in order to post online, you have to follow some basic SEO rules. In order to create SEO optimized articles, you have to understand what are top content optimization mistakes!

What are the top content optimization mistakes?

There are a lot of them but some are more important in order to write well.

  • Wrong keyword
  • Unrelated content to the keyword
  • Copying other content
  • No Meta descriptions
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There are some things you should avoid!

Wrong keyword

Every text has its own topic and every topic should have its own keyword. Even though it sounds easy to create a keyword that will explain the topic of your article, there may be some problems. You may have some ideas but they may be wrong. In order to avoid the wrong keyword as one of the top content optimization mistakes, use different kinds of tools. There are many programs that will determine what are the best options for you considering the search histories etc.

Unrelated content to the keyword

When you have determined your keyword, then it is time to create some content. A problem is that some people start good but disappear somewhere along the way. It is very easy to lose track of your own thoughts while writing. Sometimes thoughts get ahead of your typing skills. In order to avoid this, be sure that you check what you have written. The best way to do this is just to read after you have finished a paragraph. This way you will correct anything you have made along the way.

Copying other content

We all agree that it is disrespectful to other people. On the other hand, if you want your site to get people to read it, then you have to be original. Many search engines are getting more advanced and they invest in programs that will position your content accordingly to your originality. The best bet for your site to grow is to be original and write your own content. People may like your style of writing and keep getting back for more.

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Never copy other people’s content!

No Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are very important. If you are creative enough, it is the only thing enough to attract readers to your content. It is one of the top content optimization mistakes because you can lose a lot if you do not put the effort into making it. On the other hand, you may want to make a meta description but you forgot. Well, in order to avoid this, write down the necessary optimization things and cross them whenever you finish. This way you will never make any mistake again.


We find these misjudgments as top content optimization mistakes to avoid. They can be crucial to your own popularity. If people see that you are not original or that your content has nothing to do with keywords, you may never be able to earn money this way.



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